Hurstpierpoint Bowling Club's vision of the future

Hurstpierpoint Bowling Club 2020 Vision

The Club’s vision is that it will continue to be a friendly, sociable, competitive lawn bowls club, with one of the best greens in Sussex but, by 2020, will have:-

  • increased the awareness of the local community that bowls offers an active and very enjoyable lifestyle, which enhances general health and well-being for all
  • more local businesses involved as sponsors and supporters of the Club
  • continued to maximise the use of modern technology
  • a website that continues to develop and be up to date in content and presentation
  • obtained a grant from Sport England under its “Inspired Facilities” programme for improvements to the Clubhouse so that it can be used to greater effect by members and the local community all year
  • made improvements to the Clubhouse to give better changing room facilities, a self-contained Club Bar, a larger Clubroom with good acoustics which is large enough to play short mat bowls
  • registered with HMRC as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) so that the Club can obtain the benefits of this status
  • created the facilities for members to play short mat bowls
  • encouraged local groups to make use of its clubhouse for sport and other activities
  • increased its membership playing lawn bowls to 125 and the overall membership to around 200
  • encouraged, and assisted, at least two members of the Club to become qualified Bowls coaches and continued to develop its coaching programmes for new members, for existing members who want to improve their game and those who want to play competitively at Club and County level
  • continued to develop its all year round programme of social events in line with the wishes of its members.