badge2 Hurstpierpoint Bowling Club - COVID 19 Rules

COVID 19 Rules

The Rules set out below are primarily in accordance with the guidance issued by Bowls England and the Government, and are to enable all Members to play in as safe an environment as possible. Please ensure that they are observed and respected for the benefit of all!

  1. If you have any COVID19 or cold like symptoms, DO NOT go to the Club.
  2. Only Full Members that have renewed their Subscription for the current season may play.
  3. No Spectators or visitors are permitted with the sole exception of spouses or partners of Members who would otherwise be unable to play because of dependant responsibilities. The Spectator must be named on the Booking, and should remain adjacent to the appropriate Rink whilst play is in progress.
  4. A maximum of 12 Members are permitted on the Premises at any one time.
  5. At all times Social Distancing (2 metre rule) must be observed.
  6. The main Clubhouse Hall and Kitchen are CLOSED, except to the Member responsible for opening the Club (see below) and those Members authorised by the Committee to carry out essential Club maintenance.
  7. A Designated Member will be responsible for opening the Ladies Changing Room, sanitising the padlock, and leaving it and a list of that day’s Bookings by the Ladies Changing Room.
  8. The Ladies Changing Room will be open for the use of the Toilets and Hand-washing only. Members are asked not to use these facilities unless absolutely essential, and must observe the Sanitising Instructions posted in the Changing Room.
  9. Woods, shoes etc must not be left at the Club, and must be taken home after play.
  10. As a general principle if you touch anything other than on the Green that is “non personal” to you, it must be sanitised immediately.
Playing Conditions
  1. There will be five 90-minute Bowling slots each day. This will allow a changeover between bookings without any crossover of Members. Rinks must be booked in advance using the Booking system that has been set up on “Skedda”. Separate Instructions on accessing this have been sent out. All playing Members must be named on the Booking.
  2. Bowling slots will commence at 10.30, 12.30, 14.30, 16.30 and 18.30, every day except on Mondays which will commence at 14.30.
  3. Play will be on Rinks numbered 1,2,3, East/West or 4,5,6 North/South depending on the day of the week. These Rinks will be spread across the Green with a “dead” rink between each one. The usual Daytime/Evening directions will not apply.
  4. Members should enter the Club no earlier than 10 minutes before their allocated playing time, dressed to play except for change of shoes, and which should be changed outdoors. Subject to locking up, sanitising etc, they should leave immediately after play has finished.
  5. Play is restricted to:
    • Individuals playing on their own on a single rink.
    • Up to four individuals on a Rink playing as Singles or Pairs.
  6. Equipment to be used is strictly limited to Woods, Mats, 2 Jacks (1 white 1 yellow), Scorecards and Lifters (one person only per lifter). Other than Woods the equipment for each rink will be kept in Plastic Boxes to also include Sanitiser and wipes. These boxes will be put out at the start of play by the Designated Member. All equipment must be sanitised before and after play.
  7. At the end of each session, equipment must be sanitised and left out in the boxes, but the side gate must still be padlocked. The exception to this is the final booked session each day, (which may not be the 18.30 session – players should check the Booking List), when all players are responsible for ensuring that all Equipment is sanitised, stored in the boxes and put away in the Ladies Changing Room, doors locked and the side gate padlocked.
  8. All rubbish, including wipes used whilst playing, must be taken home. There will be no facilities for disposing of rubbish at the Club.
  9. Only one player should handle the Mat during play. The jack should be set using your foot or a lifter. Do not measure for shot!