Hurstpierpoint Bowling Club

“Football” League Competition 2019

Competion details and rules


1.  There are 8 teams, each with a team manager.


2.  The teams will play each other once, over seven Monday or Tuesday evenings at the start of the season. The start time of matches will be 6.00 pm.


3.  Each game will last for 14 ends with 3 players per team playing, each with 3 woods. There will be no trial ends. The team manager will be

     responsible for choosing his team for a particular match and ensuring that a full team is available.


4.  A team consists of a minimum of five players, who must be registered by their team manager with the League Manager. The reason for a

    minimum of 5 players is that less could lead to a team failing to field a side for a match.  However, team managers should bear in mind that

    recruiting too many players for the team will mean less matches for that team’s players to play in. The League Manager must be notified of any

    change to the registration of players at least 24 hours before they play for their team. Therefore, if a manager knows he is going to be short of a  

    player one week, he or she would have the chance to recruit a player at that time. However, a registered player may not move from one team to

    another after the season has started.


5.  Three from each team will play in a match.  It does not have to be a mixed team. No team may field more than one Mid Sussex player. A Mid

     Sussex player is defined as one who has played in more than 10 Mid Sussex league matches at any time and such a player should be identified on

     registration. This does not prevent a team from registering more than one Mid Sussex player.


6.  The aim of the game is to score goals.  One goal is scored if a team holds 3 or more shots at the completion of an end.


7.   If a wood leaves the rink, or is ditched, even if it is a toucher, it is dead - no chalk required.


8.   The spin of a coin determines the initial choice of mat,  and thereafter the mat is won by the team with the shot nearest the jack, regardless of

      whether or not a goal is scored.  Skips may visit the head.


9.   Normal rules apply for an incorrectly delivered jack (i.e.the jack is delivered by the opposing team etc.).


10.   If, during  play, the jack leaves the rink or is ditched, the end is complete, and a penalty is awarded against the team responsible.  The end counts

       - it is not replayed.  The non-offending team now deliver the jack and at the completion of the end, have the right to remove any two of their

       opponents' woods from the head, leading to a possible goal. However, if this end is also killed by the same offending team - a goal is  conceded.

       The  offending team cannot score from a penalty, nor be awarded a penalty. If the 14th end is killed, a further end will be played for the penalty

       to take place.


11.   In the event of a player becoming sick or injured and having to retire, a registered pl  the agreement of

        the other team within a time limit of 15 minutes.  


12.   League points will be awarded, three for a win, one for a draw and one for complete cancellation due to bad weather. If a game has to be

        abandoned before 7 ends can be played, it will be regarded as a draw. If more than 7 ends have been played, when it is abandoned, the score at

        that point counts as the result of the match. Unless the Green Ranger says the Green is unplayable, matches must be played. Teams should

        therefore be prepared to play in wet conditions.


13.   If a team fails to field a legal team within 15 minutes of the official start time, they will forfeit the game and three points, and the opposing team

        will collect three points and be judged to have won the game by two goals to nil. The winning team at the end of the season will be the one with

        the most points and, in the event of a tie, the team with the better goal difference will win.


14.    Teams will be identified by the name of their chosen Football Club. The team’s Football Club shirts should be worn, if the team has a chosen shirt.


15.   There is a match fee of a £1 per person.  This is used for after match food to be consumed with drinks from the Bar. Winning team members

        should offer to buy a drink for their opposite number. Supporting spectators are encouraged to attend and join in the post match socialising (£1 if

        they want food too).


16.   Team managers and the League manager will meet in April 2019  to discuss final details for the season, in particular to confirm registered players

        and the identification of all Mid Sussex players.


League Manager - Bob Mitchell


Recruitment of Players - This is done by the Team Manager and he or she decides when their team is complete.


The thinking behind this competition


•   To make greater use of the green in the evenings at the start of the season and to help players get into competitive mode quickly.


•   To provide an extra opportunity for younger members, who are still working, to play competitively at home in the evening.


Club Members wanting to play who are not already registered with a Club


Club Members, not already registered, who would be interested in playing should contact the League Manager or one of the Team Managers.




Accrington Stanley


Paul Burnett



Derek Bennett

Peter Childs

Annette Childs

Brenda Finch

David Fletcher

Tony Gough*

Stewart Hall (8)

Brighton & Hove


Keith Jackson*



Peter Cooper

Ian Cox*

Chris Fletcher

Tony Lank

Margaret Mercer

Alan Needham (7)

Hurst United


Linda Witcher



Tony Coleman

Anthea Leaney

Jeanette Lowman

Deryn Mitchell*

Noel McCauliffe

Fionna Smithson

Bernie Stevens

Brian Truran*

Gill Welsh (10)

Leicester City


David Burrows



David Bunyan

Martin Machan

Colin Morphew

Veronica Morphew

Gordon Porteous

Jill Reynolds

Fred Reynolds

Roy Simmons (9)

The Cherries


Julie Sewell



Anne Clifford

Val Cox*

Brenda Duncan

Jenny Goodman*

Bridget Parr*

Marsha Shand (7)

Roy's Rovers


Roy Dale



Alan Brown

Brian Coleman

Dick Goodman*

Rayner Howland

Roger Smith

Roy Walter (7)

West Ham United


John Pierce



Kristian Berggreen

Robert Clifford

Roger Deacon

Seth Jee

Bob Marshall

Juliet Truran (7)

Wicking Wanderers


Jo Kaddish



David Green*

Kathy Green*

Stephen Hand

Mary Hunt

Ken Leaney

Bob Mitchell

Chris Thomas*

Keith Walker

Mike Webster (10)

*       Denotes a Mid Sussex Player

(65)  Registered Players

Leicester Accrington B&H West Ham Roys-R hurst Wicking_W Cherries Winners-1